Professional Real Estate Services and Local Home Searching

Preparing Your Home To Sell

Exterior (Curb Appeal)

  • Mow lawn, edge sidewalks and driveway, trim bushes and trees

  • Sweep off the sidewalks and porches (hose down in summer)

  • Haul accumulated debris from the yard and garage off the property

  • Set out a few planters of mature, season appropriate flowers (can be purchased from a local nursery or home improvement store)

  • Reduce number of extra cars parked at house

Interior (Maximize Spaciousness)

  • Pick-up all clothes, and newspapers

  • Pick-up toys, stacks of magazines

  • Make all beds

  • Make sure all light bulbs work

  • Wash the dishes and put them away; reduce clutter on the counter

  • Put out fresh kitty litter and clean any pet areas

  • Clean the bathrooms and wash the mirrors

  • Clean the carpeting

  • Minimize holiday decorations – less is more – a little goes a long way

  • Put away all medicines

Prior to Showing the House (Realtor, Appraiser, Inspector or Buyer)

  • Turn all lights on in every room

  • Keep TV or music on low volume so it is not a distraction

  • Keep children occupied and in one room if possible

  • Secure pets, muzzle if necessary – in garage or off property is better

  • Prepare the list of amenities you enjoy about the house and neighborhood, include improvements you have completed

  • Give the guest (agent, appraiser, buyer) space to think as they look at the property; this is difficult for many people but let your house do most of the talking for you. The closer you hang to the guest and the more you talk the faster you will push them through the house and out the door; the longer they are there the more comfortable they become to consider your property their own property.

  • Be prepared for the last minute showing – be prepared to not turn away any showings

  • Place a binder of pictures of the home on the counter to demonstrate summer landscaping

Additional Items to Consider in Concert with Realtor Advice

  • Neutralize the interior of the home with a fresh coat of neutral paint

  • Replace worn carpeting with inexpensive new carpeting and a good pad